Classrooms within Engage deliver programs that are based around each students Personal Future Action Plan.  Goals envisioned during the personal future planning process form the basis for each students Individual Learning Plan goals and classroom program goals. Teachers utilise the Black Mountain school curriculum and the Australian Curriculum to develop a class program and timetable that meets the learning needs of each individual student.

A priority focus is on teaching students to become effective communicators, this is a core priority which carries across all areas of the school.  Receptive and expressive language skills are a continual focus throughout every activity across the day with students using individual communication systems and devices to communicate with staff, familiar people, and their peers. Students are also encouraged to be physically active and to engage in activities designed to increase their range of movement and mobility.  Participation in individual physical routines supports optimal engagement in all learning areas in the program. Students access therapy equipment and a regular Hydrotherapy program according to their needs.

Class programs within Engage develop capacities in all core areas of the curriculum to optimise student’s capacity for independence, maximum participation, and quality of life.